Ikea Pax wardrobe planner- Tips for planning

PAX:- Tips when planning .

I have lost count of the number of customers who order the tallest (236 cm) Pax frames, without first measuring the height of their ceiling.. Very frustrating for the customer and very expensive for the installer, who has booked a time slot in his day and possibly travelled a distance to keep the appointment.

IkeaPax wardrobe planner:- ikea pax furniture frames can be built upright with care, but still need some height clearance, especially if sliding doors are being fitted. In an ideal world, for sliding door robes ,a clearance of 30mm is just sufficient, however ,do measure in several places along the ceiling and also 60cm from the back wall. I’ve rarely come across a ceiling which is perfectly flat and level. 

Hinged door wardrobes can be fitted with slightly less clearance than sliding door robes but accurate measuring is still important. Most ceilings will have a slight sag towards the centre of the room so if the frames are going to be tight to the ceiling, it’s important to check that the doors will be able to open fully without fouling on a sagging ceiling.

CUTTING PAX FRAMES :-up to 25mm can be cut from the bottom of Pax frames.

This is a service we can provide but at an extra cost of £20 per frame. It is possible that doing this might affect Ikea’s 10 year guarantee. Although the safety and the stability of the frame would not be affected.

SKIRTING BOARDS :- I’ve turned up at many jobs to be told “we’ve removed the skirting boards to make it easier for you”. This is usually fine if it’s just the skirting on the back wall, but more complicated on walls to the side of the frames. If the bottom of the door is lower than the top of the skirting, simply cutting the depth of the frames off of the skirting means that the door will foul on the skirting when opened.

Much better to add an infill piece above the skirting board if you’re worried about the gaps.

OBSTRUCTIONS :- You’ve arrived back home from the Ikea store with your Pax planner printout and it looks lovely on the room plan BUT, did you tell ikea that there is a curtain pole standing four inches off of the wall that will stop the door from opening through 90 degrees? Or how about the radiator that will cause the same issue? Provided that you don’t mind the door not fully opening, that’s ok. However if you have drawers or baskets or anything that pulls out on runners, the door needs to open at least through 90 degrees.

Scheduling Assembly with The Flat Pack Assembly Service:-

If your furniture is being delivered to you by Ikea, please allow  24 hours between expected delivery date and assembly appointment.

Once you have received your delivery, its always a good idea to check the condition of all of the packages. its especially important to check the packages that contain glass i,e. Mirror doors and glass panels for sliding doors.

The Ikea delivery team should place all of your packages in any one room of your choice. Please ensure that the furniture is placed as near to where it is to be assembled as possible.